Särestad Old Farming Museum

Särestad Landsbygdsmuseum shows farming life in earlier times; how people lived and made a living in a time with quite different means from today. 


More than 2500 items, tools, machines, tractors and equipment having to do with farming, craftmenship and life in the countryside are on display on nearly 3000 m2.  They are mainly from the time up to 1960. New exhibitions with focus on farmer products and with sound illustrations and descriptions (a Leader EU-project) give life to old objects.

The most remarkable item of the collection is a little wooden house from the years around 1780. It was used to protect sheep from the wolves. It is the only one of its kind and documented by Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.

You can also find in one display stone axes from the Stone Age (3000 BC -1800 BC). All these stone tools have been found in the area around Särestad. 

The Association

The Särestad Farming museum is a non profit organisation and its members volunteer their time for maintenance, cleaning, café and guiding. Most objects in the museum have been donated by people who have realized the importance of preserving the culture of a disappearing epoch.

We hope you will have an interesting and rewarding experience.

Café with homemade bread.
Children are very welcome.